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What can property owners expect?

Good Question!



over 739 reservations & over 1960 hosted nights later

we can honestly say..
We have had ZERO major incidences!



Property owners have many legitimate questions about utilizing their property as a short-term rental stay.


We recognize this is a newer way to utilize a property so we make every effort to answer any questions that come up about the short-term rental operation.

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Who are Kingdom Stays Guests?

Kingdom Stays guests are responsible families and small groups that would prefer to stay in a quiet, safe neighborhood as opposed to a hotel or motel.

Neighbors: Kindom Stays Guests

"If you continue to have the same type of guests come to this home then there will be no issues at all."
-An adjacent neighbor of a Kingdom Stays Home

Neighbors: Precautions Taken

Kingdom Stays goes to great lengths to ensure the well-being of your property and the neighborhood.

  1. Each guest undergoes a complete criminal background check through Checkr, a well reputable and comprehensive background check company.

  2. Each guest undergoes a thorough screening process and must include the following before confirming a reservation: Reason for visiting, who else is on the reservation, first and last name, gender, birth date, phone number, email address, picture of government-issued photo ID, address, year, make model, and color of vehicles, license plate number, and payment information.

  3. Each guest additionally undergoes a comprehensive, travelers background check.

  4. Each guest undergoes a thorough verification process before checking in.

  5.  Noise-level monitoring system built within each property.

  6. Smoke-detector alert system built within each property.

  7. Glass-break detector alert system built within each property.

  8. Audio and visual surveillance system installed at each entrance to be monitored at all times.

  9. Each guest confirms to have read, understand, and will abide by the full house rules.

  10. All house rules are formally enforced in real-time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week up to and including immediate cancellation of the reservation.

  11. A Designated "rapid response" individual who lives less than a 5-minute drive away (sometimes on-site) is assigned to each home/property in the rare situation of the need for rapid response.

Neighbors: What have Neighbors said?

What do Kingdom Stays Neighbors say?

Well, here's what Kingdom Stays Neighbors say:

"I can personally say I have had 0 issues with you or any of your guests at any point since purchasing the property right behind mine. No noise issues, no upkeep issues, no party's or anything to complain about and as far as I know the neighbors around me have had no issues as well."
-Joshua T., Kingdom Stays neighbor (adjacent) of home in Fairview Heights, IL

"We have had no issues at all with the short-term rental. Upon looking up the listing, we were happy to see that it had great reviews and looks great on the inside."
-Matt H. & Amanda, Kingdom Stays neighbor (adjacent) of home in Fairview Heights, IL

"It has been really quiet since it has started up. We have had no issues at all as it relates to this property."
-Diane & Dan, a neighbor (adjacent) of a Kingdom Stays Home in Highland, IL

"I can see the home from my front balcony and we have never had any issues there." 
-Sarah, a neighbor of a Kingdom Stays Home

"I've never seen anything wrong with it."
-Vanessa, a neighbor of a Kingdom Stays Home in Highland, IL

"If you continue to have the same type of guests come to this home then there will be no issues at all."
-An neighbor (adjacent) of a Kingdom Stays Home in Highland, IL


"We are pleased with how well Miles takes care of his property! The grass is always trimmed, the yard is very clean and the exterior of the home looks great!

Miles is a great neighbor to have! We have had zero issues/complaints. His guests have been very respectful to the neighborhood too!"
-Jen, a nearby neighbor of a Kingdom Stays Home in Fairview Heights, IL

Neighbors: House Rules

The Kingdom Stays House Rules

In addition to all other precautions:
Each guest must confirm they have read, understand, and will abide by the full house rules:

Enforced 24/7
(house rules can vary slightly by location)

The house rules will be formally enforced and are very important to ensure a great experience
for each and every guest staying with us, so please read them carefully:

House Rules Highlights:

  • No Parties or Events

  • No Smoking

  • No Pets

  1. The platform chat is the primary method of communication.

  2. Local residents must communicate with us first before booking.

  3. The primary user must have a valid and updated phone number on the platform.

  4. Disclosure: A comprehensive background check by Checkr will be completed before reserving.

  5.  Accurately reporting the number of guests will be accounted for with outdoor entranceway cameras. It is required that you promptly communicate changes in the number of both guests staying the night a visitors (total/anytime guests). No more than 16 individuals are allowed on or in the property at any given time.

  6. No excessive noise allowed: this is defined as disruptive noise that can be heard at the neighbor's property line. The noise level will be monitored by a noise-level alert system.

  7. If there is any issue related to your stay, you are required to communicate this promptly to
    Kingdom Stays and allows a representative of Kingdom Stays to come and fix the issue at any
    the time during the stay.

  8. No more than 6 cars are allowed to be parked in the immediate vicinity, street, and
    neighborhood. This is to maintain the character and traffic flow of the neighborhood and will
    be formally enforced.

  9. There is a $50 late check-out fee unless otherwise communicated.

  10. Smoking is only allowed in the back of the house. Marijuana is not allowed on the premise
    under any circumstances due to how close the neighbors are. Immediate cancellation of the
    reservation and a $250 smoking fee are assessed for each day of the reservation if smoking of
    any kind is detected inside or in front of the property whatsoever. This means smoking is NOT
    allowed in front of the house, front porch, front yard, or back yard. This will be monitored by a smoke-detect monitoring system installed within the home and outside entranceway

    Local legislation requires a verification process upon check-in. This will come in the form of a
    quick, easy-to-use, online check-in form that can be done straight from your smartphone. Upon guest registration, you must certify that this is not the permanent residence of anyone

    Feel free to reach out to me with any situation you are not sure of or have any questions about.
    I am very understanding when it comes to most situations but do ask.

    Not following any combination of these rules can result in being responsible for any costs
    associated with the disruption of the following reservations. Violations can result in instant
    cancellation of the reservation without a refund.

Suburban Family Home
Cost Recovery
Something goes missing?
Something needs repair?

We've got you covered.

Over the years, it's bound to happen.. things go missing or are left in poor shape.

That's why we have a system in place to find these issues and resolve them quickly. We know how to get your money back!

Cost recovery comes from:

  • Request from Guests

  • Guest Billing Information

  • Enforcing of House Rules Upon Recovering Costs

  • Platform Escalations and Follow Up

  • Platform Relations

  • Insurance Claims (Last Resort)

Cost Recovery
Neighbor Registration

In addition to all other procedures, Kingdom Stays builds healthy relationships with the surrounding neighbors within a neighborhood by reaching out with updates and information about the short-term rental accommodation.

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