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furnished housing for traveling professionals

why Kingdom Stays?

Kingdom Stays guarantees the following

step 1

request furnished housing offer(s) here

Provide relevant info about you and your furnished housing needs.


save time commuting

We only place traveling professionals in properties a 25-minute drive from the assigned work assignment, grocery store(s), coffee shop(s), entertainment venue(s), and park(s). Properties are always in safe, quiet neighborhoods and areas.

save money

With over a hundred furnished housing options, you can choose the property in your assigned area that meets your needs and budget. Your Kingdom Stays is always fully equipped and ready so you don't have to purchase items to live comfortably.

  • How do I request rental options for my assignment? (simple, takes 2-minutes)
    Simply fill out the 2-minute form in full here to receive one or more rental offer(s) within a few days or less. This is a non-obligation request.
  • How much does it cost/ are there any other fees?
    Pricing for each rental varies by location, size, and quality but are always fully transparent in your housing offer(s). Click here to view a list of some (but not all) potential offers you could receive. To accept and secure a rental offer, you must pay the initial payment that includes the first month plus cleaning fee. If you represent a company or organization reserving for client, employee, or contractor, then you will not need to complete the full screening process or pay a refundable deposit. Otherwise, a fully refundable deposit equal to one-third (33%) of the first month (initial payment = 1.33X first month) is required. Traveling professions can opt to undergo the comprehensive screening process instead of paying the refundable deposit. Each following month will be billed each month thereafter starting exactly one month after the arrival start date. There are never hidden fees. Even online payments, identity verification, background check, and soft credit check processes that may be required are entirely free. Fees associated with late payments or broken/missing items can apply. #price #prices #costs #payments #billing
  • How do I qualify to recieve a housing offer?
    Click here to see the qualifications to be a Kingdom Stays leaseholder.
  • How long does it take to receive housing offer(s)? (a few days or less)
    You will receive one or more housing offers within a few days of submitting the housing request form found here.
  • How long do I have to accept the housing offer? (as soon as possible)
    As soon as possible. Your furnished housing offer is not yours until you make the initial payment and sign the Kingdom Stays rental agreement. If required, the identity verification, background check, and soft credit check are all performed after you secure the housing.
  • What are the terms and conditions?
    To secure the accommodation, you must pay the initial payment and sign the rental agreement, of which the template can be read at the link here that includes all terms and conditions.
  • How do I qualify to list my property on Kingdom Stays?
    The qualifications for your property to be accepted can be found here.
  • Does the soft credit check affect my credit score? (no) (not always required)
    No, Kingdom Stays uses the secure platform KeyCheck (via Transunion) to pull reports so your score won’t be affected. Soft credit checks are designed to avoid impacting your credit score. Not all circumstances require you to undergo the soft credit check.
  • Why do you run a soft credit check? (not always required)
    Kingdom Stays uses a soft credit check report to ensure every tenant is a good fit for our properties. Kingdom Stays uses the secure KeyCheck platform (Transunion) to run a report without impacting your credit score in the least bit. KeyCheck protects your personal information. This free service paid by Kingdom Stays that is performed after accepting, securing, and paying the initial payment for a rental offer.
  • Why do you run a background check? (not always required)
    Under some circumstances, Kingdom Stays you to pass a comprehensive background check to ensure every leaseholder is a good fit for other nearby leaseholders, properties, and neighborhoods. Kingdom Stays uses the secure KeyCheck (Transunion) platform to pull a comprehensive background check report. KeyCheck protect your personal information. If required, this free service paid by Kingdom Stays that is performed after accepting, securing, and paying the initial payment for a rental offer.
  • Why do you require an identity verification?
    Kingdom Stays requires only the primary reservation holder to verify their identity via text message to the mobile phone number on file to ensure we know who is staying in our properties and neighborhoods and potentially interacting with other leaseholders. Kingdom Stays partners with Stripe Secure to protect your personal information.
  • What if I do not pass the soft credit check?
    If you are denied but feel your score was misrepresentative of your financial standing, you are welcome to file a dispute at the link below:
  • What is the Kingdom Stays guarantee?
    The Kingdom Stays guarantees your accommodation fully meets all criteria: -is as-advertised in the listing, -is fully equipped and ready to move in, -is within driving range of your assigned work facility, -is in a safe neighborhood, -is a clean and quality accommodation, -has is free and accessible parking, -has utilities included, -has washer and dryer included on-site, and -has high-speed WIFI included. The Kingdom Stays guarantee ensures these criteria are met. If this guarantee is not met, we have support available to ensure your arrival to your assigned city and travel assignment goes smoothly.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Full refund up to 30 days before check-in. After that, the first 30 days of the stay are non-refundable and a full refund can be given for the cancellation of dates with 30 days or more advance notice.
  • If I already passed the Kingdom Stays screening before, do I need to go through it again? (no)"
    If you have already passed the Kingdom Stays screening process and have a good track record with previous reservations, you do not need to go through the screening process again. We do still request you verify your identity again via text message to the mobile phone number you use. You also will never need to pay the refundable deposit again either!
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